Spiritual, Relationship, & Intimacy Counseling

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When you find yourself in a place that feels “stuck” it is helpful to have a guide and a cheerleader. I am both of those…and more. I approach each session with practicality, intuition, and humor to meet you where you are and help you become the person you wish to be.

Couples counseling, pre-marriage counseling, and individual counseling sessions are collaborative endeavors which will create a safe space for you to find the courage to unpack your spiritual, sexual, and relationship baggage so you can gently and honestly examine the contents to know what is no longer needed for your life’s journey.

Often what we really need is space and love to deeply grieve and do the work of forgiving ourselves and others for disappointments, behaviors, and trauma that have led to us cutting off parts of ourselves to fit in a box made by someone else. I’m here to hold the thread while you reattach those parts and love them back into your embodied wholeness.

Counseling sessions, for individuals or couples, are based on the unique needs of each person and the goals you have. I don’t do formulas or one-size-fits-all templates. I offer sessions via Skype/Facetime, phone, and face-to-face. My fees range from $125 – $160 for individuals and couples. Pre-marital counseling packages start at $300.    ** Discounts for multiple sessions always offered; limited sliding scale available for those in need.

For the past decade, my blend of Cognitive-Behavior Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, spiritual practice assessment and creation, homework assignments, guided imagery, and Jin Shin Jyutsu energy work has been an outgrowth of my own inner work. I won’t insist you go it alone. That’s why you came here. I will stand with you while you walk through your fire and reflect back to you the powerful, embodied, spiritual warrior you are.

Contact me for a free 15-minute consultation to discuss your concerns and discern whether we are a good fit.

We don’t often realize how disconnected we are from ourselves and our partners until we experience the painful results:

  • Repeating patterns of conflict in relationships
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Lack of joy in work and play / Feeling dead inside
  • Running from relationship to relationship looking for someone else to fill all our needs
  • Turning to addiction to mask our pain

“DiAnna can help you see a connection between intimacy and spirituality that is both uplifting and surprising. Her wisdom, humor and practical advice regarding the sexual dynamics between couples inspired me to make positive change in my relationship with myself, which in turn has positively affected my relationship with my spouse. It’s rare to find such a strong champion for a healthy, happy sexual relationship, especially a person who can articulate these ideas so well and make them accessible. Just a few minutes talking with her can change your whole perception of intimacy for the better.”
– JN, Candler, NC

“DiAnna created a safe but dynamic space for my partner and I to explore difficult issues deeply and lovingly, not shying away from the hard stuff. With her guidance we were able to ultimately find our own paths and transition smoothly.”
– EC, Asheville, NC

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What My Clients Are Saying

Working with DiAnna was a pleasure for two reasons– what she offered me, and what she didn’t offer me. DiAnna is consistently upbeat and encouraging. She will nudge you toward your true path– I didn’t say “push” on purpose– she is not pushy. But what I found most refreshing about working with her is that you can tell her anything and she will greet it with interest and excitement, not judgment. She enjoys what she does and wants you to enjoy what you do.
– BL, Greer, SC