Many times learning about a new topic in a group setting can help ease anxiety that may be associated with seeking relationship assistance and advice or entering into one-on-one counseling. I offer workshops and other group activities that can be crafted with your needs in mind.

Reclaiming the Truth of the Body 

NEW for 2018! 6-week Online Course!!

Have you ever felt like the ache of your soul was showing up in your body? What if there were a way to tap into the hurt that gets stuck in our back or shoulders or gut and help that to move into healing?

This class combines breathing and body awareness, gentle standing or seated yoga poses, with writing prompts to help participants tune into the aches and discomforts of the body that may indicate unprocessed emotional hurts and traumas. Together we explore the mind/body/spirit relationship as it relates to the places where emotional energy has become stuck and is manifesting as physical pain. Participants write about and discuss muscular, digestive, and joint pain using techniques that I have developed as part of my own healing and from my years as a spiritual counselor with individuals and couples.

This workshop can be formatted as a 90-minute introductory class for 6-20 people, as a day-long workshop or a weekend retreat for 6-24 people.

Also available as a 6-week online course with weekly email assignments and 2 personal Skype session of 30-min each.

Other Workshops

Here are a few of my other workshop topics. I would also be thrilled to speak with you about creating a topic and format for your group.

  • The Art of Sexual Conversation
  • Creating Safe Containers for Relationship: Co-dependence, Counter-dependence and Interdependence
  • Love, Sex, and Magic
  • All Acts of Love and Pleasure
  • Kink 101

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What My Clients Are Saying

I just wanted to gush for a minute because you are such a wonderful speaker! I really look forward to taking future workshops with you.
– Isabelle, Asheville, NC