About DiAnna Ritola

You’ve heard it before: We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

I’m here to go a bit further:
I believe we are here to align our Humanity with our Divinity, to create space for the Divine within us to shine brightly, so that we become the light that we truly are in our relationship with ourselves and with others.

Interfaith ministry is more than just a nice way to say I honor all faith traditions and meet people where they are. My work is an outgrowth of my own search for meaning, for connection, and for healing.

I will not ask you to go where I would not go myself.  So whether I am sitting with a client in spiritual counseling, creating and officiating a wedding for a couple who identify as lesbian, straight, or gay, or queer, or working with a couple (married or not) to counsel and guide them in clearer and kinder interactions with each other, I bring my whole Self to the process.

Kintsugi heart - Asheville wedding, gay wedding, lesbian wedding, interfaith marriage, interfaith ministries, spiritual counseling, couples counseling, marriage counselor, pre-marriage counselingI’m not perfect, and I don’t expect you are, either. I know that we are each learning all the time, that we are all doing the very best we can in every moment, and that we can love all our broken pieces enough to bring them back into our hearts and make ourselves more whole, much like the art of kintsugi in which cracked and broken pottery is repaired using gold lacquer making each piece even more beautiful.


The Paradox of Living

Sometimes I just can't seem to find the answers I seek. You, too? I search and search, reading and journaling, asking questions and sitting in silence, and still I feel lost. I feel frustrated and angry because I tell myself that I'm "supposed" to know more, do more,...

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A Crone for All Seasons

Several years ago, I was in a women's spirituality circle with about 10 other women, most of whom were older than me. One of these women was in her mid-80s, and she was a fierce and vibrant woman and feminist. Through many interactions with her and with other womyn in...

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What My Clients Are Saying

“I found DiAnna’s counseling at a very turbulent time last year.  Everything seemed like it was turning inside out in my personal life, and I needed an anchor.  DiAnna was just that.  She helped me to put things in perspective, tap into my own truths about what I wanted and needed, and figure out how to move forward in a way that I could feel good about.  While I have great friends to talk to, it was essential to have an unbiased, but very caring voice to help me get myself to a much better place.” BN, Asheville

“DiAnna created a safe but dynamic space for my partner and I to explore difficult issues deeply and lovingly, not shying away from the hard stuff. With her guidance we were able to ultimately find our own paths and transition smoothly.” EC, Asheville, NC

DiAnna counsels on a heart and soul level that is profoundly effective. She uses a host of therapeutic modalities in search of the best way to reach each client. She helped guide me through a very difficult patch in my life. I felt that she always honored where I was and showed extraordinary patience and humor with each step forward and a few backwards. She has a gift, pure and simple, for looking into each heart, seeing the beauty within and the best way to allow it to flourish. I left each session feeling powerful, beautiful and optimistic. — SB, Asheville, NC