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My work is a reflection of who I am. I hold the balance of heart and head in counseling my clients on matters of Spirituality, Relationships and Intimacy. These are the bedrock of our lives. We are hard-wired for connection in body, mind, and spirit. Yet, often we deny ourselves connection with others because we carry shame for our desires and fear rejection because of this shame.


Shame is a by-product of the judgments of others.  Unfortunately, many of us have been conditioned to feel shame for our thoughts, words, and actions because someone else said we were wrong. Shame can debilitate us by trying to convince us that we are unworthy of love, care, or even worthy of being alive.


I believe that we all deserve to love and be loved in the ways that feel best. This core belief along with my training and knowledge of Intimate Relationships (whether sexual or not), Sexual Adventure and Safety (aka Kink), and the deeply Spiritual aspect of our human experience, gives me a unique approach.


This supportive and sometimes challenging stance gives my clients a safe space to address sexual functioning concerns, enhance communication, and gently confront shame and hurt to heal the divisions between sexual activities and identity and the deep inner part of the spirit where wounds are hidden but not forgotten and that may be holding you back from giving and receiving the love you desire.


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 “DiAnna counsels on a heart and soul level that is profoundly effective. She uses a host of therapeutic modalities in search of the best way to reach each client. She helped guide me through a very difficult patch in my life. I felt that she always honored where I was and showed extraordinary patience and humor with each step forward and a few backwards. She has a gift, pure and simple, for looking into each heart, seeing the beauty within and the best way to allow it to flourish. I left each session feeling powerful, beautiful and optimistic.” — SB, Asheville, NC


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I also perform Weddings and Ceremonies of Union, Funerals/Memorials, Baby Blessings and other Life Cycle rites. Celebration of our lives is a human need, and I enjoy crafting unique ceremonies for each occasion. 


I am available for speaking engagements, guest speaking and preaching, and workshops for small or large groups. 






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Working with DiAnna was a pleasure for two reasons– what she offered me, and what she didn’t offer me. DiAnna is consistently upbeat and encouraging. She will nudge you toward your true path– I didn’t say “push” on purpose– she is not pushy. But what I found most refreshing about working with her is that you can tell her anything and she will greet it with interest and excitement, not judgment. She enjoys what she does and wants you to enjoy what you do. – BL, Greer, SC


DiAnna puts me at ease, combining playful chat with more serious discussion of personal issues and personal work. She’s a great listener and balances letting me talk through my issues, giving welcome advice and reassuring me that my choices are ok and fully my own. Her caring disposition and extensive life experience helped me trust her and myself in working through what I needed to work through. –SG, Atlanta, GA