If we can name our shadows and call them into the light, we can do the work of healing. Let’s name our fears, name our bigotry, grieve for what we didn’t want to see and let happen, apologize to each other for allowing violence and apathy to walk hand-in-hand, and do the difficult work that will bring us to the places where we recognize that we are connected far more than we can imagine.

We do not have to believe or think alike to love alike. We DO need to agree to stop cruelty, to support ou human rights for everyone, to have spaces for inclusion of all and separate spaces for oppressed people to gather together to tell their stories and amplify their voices–not to shout out anyone else but to have equal air time.

These are the words of Desiree Lynn Adaway of The Adaway Group Consultants. You can find out more about her and her work at http://desireeadaway.com/

What’s happening right now is not about Trump, it’s not about this moment in time either, it’s about decisions we made in the past.

It’s about 25 plus years of hate filled talk radio that we did not stop

It’s about MSM not questioning our politicians

It’s about the average American living a segregated life

It’s about this worship of a capitalist system over people

It’s about gentrification and lower wages and us living in communities where we don’t know folks

It’s about the anger and frustration of black and brown folks not feeling safe or seen

It is about black and brown bodies being killed with impunity

It is about political, social, economic and cultural self-interest

It is about a history of stealing land, colonization, separating families and genocide that this country has never made reparations for

It’s about our obsession and access to over 300 million guns and assault weapons

It’s about Sandy Hook
It’s about Gabby Giffords
It’s about Treyvon Martin
It’s about Sandra Bland
It’s about Mike Brown

It’s about the militarization of the police and the investment in that and not poor communities

It’s about our killing off the middle class
It is about a culture of toxic masculinity

It’s about our scapegoating Muslim brothers and sisters

It’s about an immigration system that has never not been racialized

It’s about us turning away so we didn’t have to see

It is about ghost and wounds that we have never even acknowledged, let alone allowed to heal