I came across this “letter” today, and it felt so important to share it during these times of upheaval and uncertainty when we are all seeking our better selves, calling on others to do the same, and holding the line of boundary for those who have not been living in integrity. This is written by L’Erin Alta, a spiritual warrior and soul midwife.  She’s quite amazing!

We are being called out, called up, called to action. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. And, the time to act is always now. Small steps are ok! Big steps are ok! Side steps to avoid the pitfalls of repetitive behavior and old wounds are ok! You know in your soul how amazing you are. THAT is the Call of the Spiritual Warrior: saying YES to your Self, your amazing, Divine inner being. Say YES!

Dear Warrior Soul,

You will break hearts, burn bridges, disappoint people on your path of liberation.

You will disrupt perfection performances to save your sanity.

You will pulverize the coziness of comfort, sometimes without knowing when you’ll find it again.

You will become a stranger to once beloved people & institutions in order to become home to yourself.

You will be rejected.

You will also discover that the risk is worth it.
That your truth is more powerful than their approval.
That your light is more liberating than their expectations.

So, burn it down baby.

Set your chains on fire.
Ignite your limited life.

Baptize yourself in the dust.
Rebirth yourself from the ashes.

Live the life you have imagined.