I’m just back from a 5-day writing conference for womyn. The power of words written from the perspective of so many different womyn is amazing, touching the soul and heart with images and feelings that are larger than the words themselves. I get to hone my own writing in the company of others while staying true to myself and finding new ways to express my ideas.

And, yet, writing is only one way of connection. The joy of being with others in conscious co-creative pursuits overflows into other touches. The hand on the shoulder, the full-body hug of understanding, the touch of wind on skin and through hair, the kissing and hand-holding and sexual play that often completes a connection begun with words and glances.

We are beings that need touch to survive. We need physical touch and emotional touch. We cannot thrive in spaces that are sterile, orderly, regimented. We are messy. We do well when edges touch, when our emotions get involved, when we learn to allow the difficult stuff up and out without force and without judgement.

How do you connect with yourself and others? Can you let it be a bit messier and allow the mess to lead you to greater healing? What might that be like? And, if you’d like to talk about it, let me know.