So, here we are in a brand new calendar year! I don’t know about you, but I gave up “resolutions” a long time ago because they just lead to feeling crappy when I “fail” to meet them.


About 10 years ago, I started focusing on setting intentions instead. Each year I write down my intentions to make progress toward goal or ideas that I feel will bring me more joy, a greater feeling of competence, or increased connection to myself, others and the Divine. It’s easier to see a bit of progress over time than to consider myself a failure when I don’t reach the end goal.

Since one of my intentions is to post more here, and another is to share a weekly inspiration via my Instagram account which I have titled #WednesdayWonder (find me on Instagram @rev_di),  I want to share with you my brilliant idea for finding time for these incremental shifts in the direction of my intentions.

It all started with Facebook…and my horrible handwriting. You’ll notice from the photo above, that my handwriting is not very neat (and this was me trying to be clear and legible), tends to slant, and is a messy mix of printing and cursive. I’ve always had marginal handwriting, but it has definitely gotten worse over the years, and now, at age 45, I sometimes have difficulty reading what I’ve written on my daily calendar or a grocery list. (Both of my sisters have beautiful handwriting, which tells me it’s not genetic, more’s the pity!) One of my intentions for this calendar year is to improve my handwriting.

And, then we have my love/hate relationship with Facebook.

Things I love: I get to see photos of friends and family far more often than I get to see them in person; I get to offer support to friends who post about struggles and hurts; I get to stay informed on activities in my area or calls to action for causes I support. All good things, right?

But there is a down side…

Things I hate: I often get sucked into a vortex, forget to check the time and realize I’ve spent far longer than I intended scrolling, commenting, or reading another Buzzfeed list; I start to feel overwhelmed with all the need in the world and my heart breaks because I cannot fix the problem, donate “enough” money, or attend all the meetings/marches/protests, etc. that are happening and to which I could lend my voice; I feel angry over political rants, posts of tortured animals, and the multitude of injustices that are presented.

So, I have decided that when I think I should “just check Facebook for a minute”, I will instead choose to use one of the suggestions in my jar to shift my focus. What kinds of things are in my jar, you ask? Here’s a smattering: ¬†Practice Handwriting (I found some guides on YouTube.); Yoga; Bodyweight Exercise; Sing; Write a Blog Post; Meditate/Pray; Dance to some music on Pandora, practice drumming (with sticks)

You get the idea. If this is something that sparks your interest, you might begin by asking yourself a few questions: What can you do to make small shifts in your world to help you move down the path of your intentions? And, how do you add more joy, connection, and peace to this life? You can leave a comment on my Facebook page. I’ll be checking at least twice a day (for 10 minutes). I can’t go cold turkey, you know!